24 hours to stop a damaging Brexit!

After a week of high drama and broken promises, the meaningful vote amendment is heading back to the Commons tomorrow.

It is now clear that the Government will do anything to avoid being accountable to Parliament. It wants to be able to crash out on a whim so it can threaten its own MPs with that consequence. The meaningful vote amendment stops that by putting the final approval of a deal or no deal where it belongs – in Parliament.

Now it’s the only time that the Government can be forced to listen to Parliament; by insisting on the meaningful vote amendment. It is a simply a matter of democratic accountability and so we are launching a campaign to contact all Conservative MPs, through their constituents, to ask them to support this amendment.

They need to be told that Brexit or no Brexit, the Government is accountable to Parliament. And since it has shown last week that its promises cannot be trusted, that accountability must be in law.

Please write to your Conservative MP Now.