An Alliance to Revoke and Reform

Today we launched our Open Letter that calls for all the Pro-Remain parties to unite for the next General Election in a temporary electoral alliance to achieve two things:

  1. The revocation of Article 50
  2. Proportional Representation

The more that sign, the more the louder that call will be; so please consider signing it.

We started Represent Us on the basic idea that too many of our politicians were simply not doing that, they were not representing us. In their voting patterns and statements, it was clear they were more focussed on ideology and party lines, often to the detriment of the very real concerns and wishes of the people of this country.

This was especially clear with Brexit and so that was where we started, making sure that Parliament had a say in the process, which thankfully it now does. We wanted more than that, though. We wanted to change the focus from ideology back towards public service, with politicians thinking about what was best for all rather than just for their party.

Governments have ignored communities and traded on myths and tribalism. The problem is that our system encourages such tribalism. Why should a Tory government care about the industrial north when they will never return Conservative MPs? Why would a Labour Government do anything other than squeeze the Home Counties when they will never return Labour MPs?

Brexit has made all of this worse, and the extremism and refusal to compromise has undermined whatever mandate the 2016 referendum ever had. We are therefore calling for revocation of Article 50 as the only alternative now being considerd by our politicians is a disastrous no deal; but we need to do far more than that if the country has a chance of coming back together.

Represent Us also calls for us all to be represented. For all our views to be counted so that never again will communities and people feel ignored and abandoned. Every vote must count; or people tend to the extremes. So we are also calling for Proportional Representation. We will never change the culture of politics until we change the system. One is the product of the other.

To do this people must work together – putting aside differences and past enmity – and work for common goals. We have launched this Open Letter to the Remain parties to ask them to temporally work together, in a limited but specific alliance, for the next General Election. We ask everyone to sign it to show how much support there is for such an alliance, and so help make it happen.

Let us use the tools we have to change the system and put an end to the Brexit farce by working together