A Successful Year! End of Year Message

Our campaign for 2017 has ended in success – achieving a truly meaningful vote in Parliament on the final deal.

The success of Amendment 7 means that an Act of Parliament will now be required before we can leave the EU.

Thank you and well done to everyone who wrote to their MP. Together we’re showing that we can make a difference, and that Parliament can listen to the people it is supposed to represent.

The Government’s exit date amendment, you may remember, was another huge threat. Prompted by the call to action from Dominic Grieve and the Conservatives for Europe, we campaigned urgently to lobby all MPs to vote against it. The Government were ultimately persuaded to add appropriate flexibility to the amendment fixing the exit date into law – and Dominic Grieve and the other Conservative ‘rebels’ were satisfied that it was acceptable, so another win for democracy.

There will be many more votes and amendments ahead, put forward to ensure that we are not driven into a hard brexit against our will.

So thanks again for all your support in 2017. Look out for our next campaign in the new year!

For now – we are delighted to share this news of a YouGov poll carried out by Best For Britain, which shows that well over half of Labour voters are opposed to the Labour leadership backing Brexit.

This matters as it demonstrates there is little support for Labour backing the Government’s position; and so we should expect more opposition from Labour as the Brexit negotiations unfold.

And finally…

Charles is working on an initiative to get this Big Red Bus on tour around the country! Camden for Europe need to raise at least their target by 7th Jan for it to go ahead. So if you want to see the new, improved and truthful version of the Big Red Bus touring the country please help by making a small donation, and sharing the campaign with your friends & proEU groups!

Thanks for all your support and Happy New Year!

Richard, Charles & Sue