Fighting a damaging Brexit

Represent Us was set up in 2016 to stop Parliament being ignored throughout Brexit and to lobby for Parliament to be in charge of the process.

We believe a reckless hard Brexit driven by a few ideologues in government is very far from the “will of the people”. Many questions were left unanswered by the referendum and we believe that it is not for a few ministers to decide those answers behind closed doors. It is for Parliament to debate and decide.

In February we campaigned for a meaningful final vote by Parliament on the UK’s exit terms, giving Parliament the final say on when and how the UK would leave the European Union. We succeeded in making this one of two issues on which significant rebellions took place in both Houses of Parliament. Since the recent general election rebuffed the Prime Minister’s request for a mandate for her policy of Hard Brexit, we believe that this is still a valid demand and are now lobbying for Parliament to asset its rightful role.

We are therefore now campaigning to secure amendments to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill which will:
– make EEA membership a likely part of the transition stage agreement
– create mechanisms allowing MPs (later, NOT during the passage of the Bill) to have the final say on when, how and indeed if (in circumstances where no deal has been negotiated) the UK leaves the European Union

We are a non-party organisation and work with members of all parties and organisations which share our goals. We want parliament – our elected representatives – to have the final say. Not a Minister of a minority government deciding the greatest issue for a generation in secrecy.

Charles, Richard & Sue