Meaningful Vote Amendment 7

We’ve been informed that the debate and vote on Dominic Grieve’s amendment for a meaningful vote is likely to be on 13th December. 

We particularly need to influence Conservative MPs – our analysis tells us we only need about 10 more Conservative supporters to secure the vote.

Many of you have already written to your MP – thank you; but new developments every day show how important it is that Parliament has a meaningful vote on the final deal. Daily reports show the huge mountain of problems the government has to overcome just to talk about the future. The lack of analysis done by David Davis is proving to be shocking.

There has to be accountability on the most important decision in a generation. So now is the time to write again to make sure your MP is committed to voting for the important amendments next week. 

– That’s what amendment 7 and NC 4 are there to provide. They give MPs a chance to look before we leap.

So please make sure your MP understands the strength of their constituents feeling on this. It really does make an impact on what they think.

If you have already written – have you had a specific answer to the question “will they vote for Amendment 7 and NC4”? If not, it is likely you have had a standard reply and your email may not have been read. Write again, or phone the office and press for an answer to the question. You could even arrange a visit to the constituency office or surgery this weekend.  

We’ve updated the letter template below to provide for recent events; but please make it your own.

Thanks again!

Richard, Charles & Sue


Suggested Subject – Urgent and important – Amendment 7 vote next week

Dear xxxx
I am a constituent of yours – my address is xxxxxxxx – and I am writing about the European Union Withdrawal Bill.

I understand that Brexit requires a Bill along these lines, but I am very concerned by the powers this gives to the Government to decide on the exit terms without a meaningful vote by Parliament. After all, one of the main reasons people voted to leave the EU was to return powers to our own Parliament.

The Government’s offer of a ‘take it or leave it’ vote on the terms is inadequate, because if the Bill approving the terms was to be defeated, we would exit without an agreement. This means that a vote against the Bill would be impossible. The amendment tabled by Dominic Grieve (Amendment 7) is needed because it ensures that this would not happen, making the parliamentary vote meaningful. Therefore, I urge you to vote for it.

However – Amendment 7 does depend on exit day not being explicitly set in this Act; and so I very much hope that you will also vote against the Government’s amendment to set the exit day.

Please also vote for the new clause tabled by Chris Leslie (NC4) which has the same effect as Dominic Grieve’s amendment, but which would still be effective if exit day was set by this Act.

Yours sincerely,