One week to prevent a damaging Brexit!

The date for the vote on key amendments is 13th December.

So we have one week left to give Parliament the right to reject a damaging Brexit.

There has to be accountability on the most important decision in a generation. That’s what amendment 7 and NC4 are there to provide. They give MPs a chance to look before we leap.

We need EVERYONE to write to their MP about this.


We have suggested a model letter you can to use to write to your MP – but please do personalise it, and slightly tweak the subject header.

If you have already written – have you had a specific answer to the question “will they vote for Amendment 7 and NC4”?

It is likely that you have had a general reply (this is normal for the first response). Emails are filtered by office staff and do not usually get through to the MP first time.

If this is the case, we suggest you write again with a shorter, more specific question. Some people find they get a better response by telephoning the constituency office to check that their email has been seen. You could pop into the constituency office, leave the MP a paper letter, attend a local surgery this week or even arrange a meeting.

Thanks for continuing to push for a true meaningful vote, and fight against a damaging Brexit!

Sue, Richard & Charles
Represent Us