The End of the Beginning

It was a sad day that many never wanted to see; but the messages from across Europe have been the most positive thing to come from Wednesday’s events. “We already miss you,” said Donald Tusk as he acknowledged that the EU does not want the UK to go and that he knows that nor does half of the UK. He – and plenty others across Europe – made it very clear that the door is open and that we are welcome to change our mind whenever.

Our Prime Minister, of course, seeks to dismiss that out of hand; but perhaps she protests too much. After all, If the Leavers were right and there is a glorious future of milk and honey for all, why would anyone want to? Why would we not unite behind our leader in a brave new chapter? (I think we all know the answer to that!)

So what happens now? More importantly, what should we all be doing?

We do what we were set up to do – make our politicians represent us.

People have been promised much, told that everything is going to be great, so great. Perhaps it will be; but if it isn’t, and if our politicians are taking us down a path that hurts more and more people every day, then they need to be told that. If people change their minds, they need to know that too. And if promises and pledges become dust, then they need to be told that we won’t forget.

Ultimately, politicians will listen; but we have to speak up and be heard. And it can’t be in general terms or in statistics as they are too easily brushed away (“we’ve had enough of experts” after all). So we quote the things that can’t be dismissed: a local factory closes down and moves to Europe; crops can’t be gathered because there’s no workers; hospital cancels operations because staff have gone back to Europe; local projects shelved because EU money pulled: academic collaboration abandoned because we’re no longer part of European schemes: and so on.

Find them all; and then tell your MP (and us).

We need now what only you can provide. Find out what the EU has done for your area and how leaving will hurt. Find out and report it to us; but bring it to local press attention as well if you can. The more everyone can see what Brexit really means, day to day, then the more likely they are to change their mind.

We’re facing an 18 month clash of fantasy meeting reality. Our job – all of us – is make sure MPs represent the ever increasing number of us who are suffering as a result of this. This is the campaign we all need to be a part of; and we hope you’ll join us.

We will be in touch again very soon with more detailed plans, taking into account the very useful feedback we have had from some of you (for which many thanks).

Richard, Charles & Sue

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