Help us fight Theresa May’s damaging Hard Brexit

In her Florence speech, Theresa May confirmed her commitment to leave the Single Market and Customs Union – dedicating herself to a damaging Hard Brexit that will make us all poorer.
And she repeated her claim that no deal was better than a bad deal – effectively threatening to just walk away. And with her EU Withdrawal Bill currently before Parliament, she can do that on a whim. She could storm out of the talks on Monday and then formally leave the EU on the Tuesday – just because she felt like it.

That is the power that this bill currently gives her. For all her talk about parliamentary sovereignty, this bill is designed to by-pass Parliament. It’s a monstrosity that represents the single largest power grab by a government in modern political history.

We believe that we live in a Parliamentary Democracy and such decisions must be taken by parliament – not Mrs May.

Join the fight!

The good news is that this bill has NOT YET been passed. It is at the Committee stage where the bill can be amended to make it reasonable. Approximately 150 amendments have been tabled that address the issues that you will be concerned about – including a very important one by Conservative and former Attorney General, Dominic Grieve. It stipulates that there must be an Act of Parliament to approve the terms of the UK’s exit before we can leave the EU.

Parliament returns in the second week of October and we are organising people to lobby their MPs to support these amendments so that the Government stays accountable, and Parliament has to approve any exit deal – including leaving without a deal.

That’s what Represent Us is now campaigning for. 

Sign up to the campaign and we will send you details of how to take effective action.