Who we are

Represent Us Directors

The organisation has three directors: Sue is responsible for our constituency level lobbying and our on-line communications. Charles and Richard are jointly responsible for our policy, message development, polling and work with politicians.  Charles also provides qualitative research whilst Richard is responsible for our quantitative analysis.

Sue is a Senior IT Consultant in Higher Education with a 20-year career in software development and IT support. In the wake of the referendum result, Sue was one of the first activists to establish an online collaboration to unite the efforts of passionate pro-Europeans. That group has since seen the birth of many successful initiatives. Sue has managed virtual teams of hundreds of volunteers utilising digital tools, collaboration platforms and social media to complete large scale research projects and targeting lobbying campaigns. Sue is exceptionally well connected in the pro-EU movement and has built and maintained excellent relationships with the national, regional and local campaign leaders.

Charles has a background in policy analysis, including the use of statistical techniques, and in communications and management consultancy. He was previously Head of the Centre for Wellbeing at the New Economics Foundation and his policy projects included work for the Welsh Government, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Wellbeing Economics, six UK government departments and three research projects funded by the European Union. He has also conducted numerous communications and audience research projects for public and private sector clients. He is a co-investigator at the ESRC funded Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity and has been commissioned to write a book by Palgrave on political change in the UK.

Richard comes from a corporate strategy and analysis background, specialising in quantitative analysis of companies and their proposed strategies. This is done through detailed financial models and the application of strategic considerations often overlooked when using pure mathematical approaches. This skill has been turned now to detailed electoral analysis to inform political decision making and strategy in the same way. He is a chartered accountant by profession and runs his own small specialist consultancy.