Write to your MP

Here is generic letter suitable for all MPs – please do personalise it.
(If you have a pro-Leave Labour MP there is an optional tailored template below)


Subject: Please vote for Amendments 7 and NC4 for Parliamentary approval of the final Brexit deal

Dear [Your MP name]

I am a constituent of yours – my address is […] – and I am writing about Amendments 7 and NC4 to the European Union Withdrawal Bill.

I understand that Brexit requires a Bill along these lines, but I am very concerned by the powers this gives to the Government to decide on the exit terms without a meaningful vote by Parliament. After all, one of the main reasons people voted to leave the EU was to return powers to our own Parliament.

The Government’s offer of a ‘take it or leave it’ vote on the terms is completely inadequate, because if the Bill approving the terms was to be defeated, we would exit without an agreement. This means that a vote against the Bill would be impossible. Therefore I strongly urge you to vote for Amendment 7 tabled by Dominic Grieve because it ensures that this would not happen, making the parliamentary vote meaningful.

However – Amendment 7 does depend on the exit day not being explicitly set in this Act; and so I very much hope that you will also vote against the Government’s amendment to set the exit day.

Please also vote for the new clause tabled by Chris Leslie (NC4) which has the same effect as Dominic Grieve’s amendment, but which would still be effective if exit day was set by this Act.

Yours sincerely,



Optional tailored letter – Pro-Leave Labour MPs only

Dear xxxx

I am a constituent of yours – my address is xxxxxxxx – and I am writing about the European Union Withdrawal Bill. I voted for you in June/have always been a Labour supporter.

I understand the position you took on second reading and that a majority voted to leave in the referendum. However, I am very concerned by the powers the Bill gives to the Tory Government to decide how we are going to exit without Parliament’s approval. I hope you will therefore vote for the amendments that put control of the exit terms back in the hands of Parliament (NC4 and Amendment 7).

As a Labour MP, I would be shocked if you voted to put complete control of the exit terms into the hands of a Tory government. We need a Brexit that is going to protect jobs and living standards. Do you think the Tories on their own can be trusted more than Parliament and the Labour party to do this? If you do, why do you expect Labour supporters to vote for you?

Please do not reply by saying that you must respect the will of the people. I understand that Leave won the referendum and we all need to plan for Brexit.; but the question here is who do you trust more to deliver a Brexit that works for the people of [name of constituency]: the Tories on their own; or Parliament as a whole?

Yours sincerely,