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I am a constituent of yours and my address is xxxxxx

I am writing to ask you to vote for Viscount Hailsham’s amendment on Wednesday – which reflects the compromise agreed between Dominic Grieve and the Government.

This is a vital clause that merely ensures in the event of no deal the House of Commons can vote on the way forward.

A no-deal Brexit is one that we as a country did not vote for and have made no preparations for. If that situation unfortunately comes to pass it is essential we have an informed open debate in our Parliament about what happens next; and then decide. Crashing on regardless would be neither democratic nor in the interests of us as your constituents.

As far as I can tell, two arguments have been put forward to reject this clause:

  1. That it would strengthen the hand of the EU in its negotiations and we would end up with a worse deal than otherwise;
  2. That it was a ploy to reverse the will of the people as expressed in the referendum.

Please consider why these arguments are false:-

  1. The EU knows that the UK is not in a strong negotiating position. Their hand is already strong and they know that, whatever is said in public, the PM, and certainly the Cabinet, will do everything to avoid a no deal exit; and so they are not going to compromise, except at the margins.
  2. This amendment cn never reverse the outcome of the referendum – we know this because there is a clear majority in Parliament for Brexit. All that is asked for is for Parliament to be able to vote on what happens should the worst come to the worst and there is no deal. I hope you can agree that a democratic debate and decision at what would be an incredibly difficult time should be a bare minimum standard to enable the best outcome for this country. That is all the clause does.

I understand that parliament is full of conflicting pressures on this subject. I do hope you will hear the arguments laid out and give careful consideration.

In the absence of this amendment passing and the country crashing out without any safety net, I believe that your party will long be blamed for the situation and punished at the polls for generations to come.

Yours etc